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Water main flushing is a necessary step in maintaining our water distribution lines. Please look for emails each week for flushing schedules and reminders.

Flushing will occur between 9PM and 1AM. During this time, please refrain from running laundry loads and other unnecessary water use.

Additionally, slight water discoloration after water main flushing is normal. Water main flushing does not clear individual service lines. If you experience this after flushing, please run water from a cold-water tap in your home to help clear your service line. We recommend holding off on white/light laundry loads until your service line is clear.

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Our work spans many aspects of water and wastewater management. Check out some of our activities that we perform to keep the water flowing, and visit the Gallery for more images.

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Click the link provided for the presentation slides from Commissioner Duncan Wood’s talk from April 10.


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