The Village District of Eastman is committed to providing the community with exceptional drinking water and wastewater services.  To that end, the VDE will:

Ø  Ensure that our potable water customers are provided with quality potable water that meets or exceeds state and federal water quality regulations.

Ø  Ensure that our wastewater customers have a reliable collection and disposal system.

Ø  Provide ongoing preventive maintenance and improvements to both potable and wastewater infrastructures to ensure continuous service.

Ø  Continue to ensure the long-term viability of the District’s water sources, including wellfield protections and well explorations.

Ø  Work in continued outreach to educate the community on the challenges public water utilities face, in order to maintain a better understanding of our practices and goals.



  • Karla Karash
  • Duncan Wood
  • Len DeJong

Current Officials

Treasurer: Bill Samuels

Deputy Treasurer: David Wright

Moderator: Lorie McClory

Clerk: Terry Large

What Is The Village District of Eastman?

  • Municipal Overlay District
  • Provides Potable Water and Wastewater services to portions of three towns
  • 1320 water customers
  • 535 wastewater customers
  • Functions in the same manner as a NH Town
  • Annual Meeting and three elected Commissioners
  • Water is funded through real estate tax (58%) and user fees (42%)
  • Wastewater is funded through user fees only (100%)

Do you have a WATTS #7?

A backflow prevention device, informally known as a Watts #7, is required to be installed with a water meter.  Please click on the link below to read about why this is such an important piece of equipment.

The Importance of a Backflow Prevention Device (pdf)

Please make sure there are no impediments at, near or around your street water shut-off (curb stop). The district policy is a 5′-radius minimum. If we need to shut your water off in the event of an emergency, or for any other reason, and cannot reach the shut-off or put our wrench on it, you may sustain further damage. If you are not sure where your shut-off is, we will be happy to locate it for you at no charge.