What does it mean?

Frequently Asked Questions

We throw around a lot of words and acronyms...if you have a question that is not addressed here, please feel free to contact the VDE office. We love talking about our system!

What is the VDE?

The Village District of Eastman is a municipal overlay district serving properties in the Eastman Community.  Approximately 92% of the district consists of Grantham properties, with 3% and 5% in Springfield and Enfield, respectively.  Properties served by the wastewater system are all in Grantham.

Can I get there from here?

Yup.  If you are coming from the main Eastman entrance (Eastman Road), stay on the road…the lake will be on your left when you go over the dam, and South Cove Activity Center will be on your left as well.  Wellfield Road is the first right after the SCAC parking lot.  The VDE office is one mile from that turn – a little blue cape on your left.  Look for our new sign at the drive entrance!

Are disposable wipes flushable?

NO!  “Flushable” or “biodegradable” wipes are not safe for sewer or septic systems. The cloth does not break down, and in the case of our sewer system, the wipes can get wound around the pumps in the sewer lift stations, which can in turn cause pump failures and sewer backups.  Only 3 items are legitimately flushable: pee, poo, and paper (toilet).

Where can I find info on the water quality?

The current Consumer Confidence Report, or CCR, can be found by using the drop-down header menu…hold your cursor over “About” and click on “Water Quality.”